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the story of pudding

Life is sweet, when you're doing what you love.

Of course there is a story behind ‘pudding’. In fact, there are lots of little stories behind why I called this wee endeavour, pudding.

I was playing around with words, letting them tumble and twist around in my head as I tried to think of something that would represent what I do and make people curious. Curious to know what I do.

One of the things I love to do most is proofread. Whilst I thought about that, the phrase ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ popped into my head.  I interpret it to mean, that you have to try something out, you have to test it to really know if it’s good. I liked that. As a freelancer, you want people to give you a shot. Not just automatically go to the big outfit, but try the person who has the talent and likes to work for herself.

Once ‘pudding’ was in my head, I realised that there were lots of other reasons why this was a good word to be ‘my word’. I’m from the North of England, home of the Yorkshire pudding and where the consumption of a hearty steamed pudding after a day in the Dales, is really the best thing ever.

I love to bake. All my friends, family and anyone I have worked with, know that where I am, cake or a tin of cookies will not be far away. I am pretty sure if you asked anyone who knows me, what reminds them of me, something containing sugar will be high up on the list.

I have a brown coloured dog, called Bingley. He’s a giant pawed, bonnie-faced German Shorthair Pointer, who our family affectionately call ‘chocolate pudding’.

I love to say the word. Try it. Pudding. It’s got a good ring to it.



Claire Cowles

Creator and Do-er of pudding.

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a little bit about me

I have been working in marketing and communications for over 20 years.

My experience is wide and varied, ranging from organising a national design competition to a citywide public arts trail, raising money for an after-school club in a deprived, inner-city suburb to liaising with the individual donors of National Museums Liverpool. I have written press releases, website copy, awards applications, sponsorship brochures, proposals, feasibility studies and blogs.

Who I have worked for has been as eclectic; including design agencies, charities, international event committees, a science park, a children’s furniture supplier and a DJ agency, to name only a few.

I have qualifications in copywriting, proofreading and fundraising. Plus years of experience in project and event management.



Project Manager


here to help

The little things and the details are what make up the big impression. Take care and pay attention. Deliver the best and take pride doing it.


Finding the words. Whether you need a case study on your latest product or an email to go out to your customers, words will make the connection . I will research, interview and take notes to find the words to produce what you need, when you need it.


Fresh eyes. You might have worked on a piece for hours, days, maybe even weeks. You are so close to the words, you can’t see the little errors that just quietly snuck in and stayed. I find the typos, grammatical mistakes, inconsistencies and inaccuracies, before you publish.

Project Management

Large or small, corporate or community, established or original – I have worked on projects and events in New Zealand and the UK. I can organise your staff Christmas party or I can run a citywide event involving stakeholders, sponsors and suppliers. Every project is unique and I can work flexibly to suit your team and your budget.


Refining the words. Sometimes all the words are there but they’re not speaking to the audience or the message is getting lost in delivery. Maybe they’re just a bit messy. I can finely tune your words to make sure they succeed.

Document Co-ordination

You need someone outside of your team, to help bring together an important document or marketing material. I have 20 years of experience working with creatives, specialists, leadership teams, boards, suppliers and marketing teams. I can work with your team and suppliers to deliver something of excellence, stress-free.


Events (one award winning)


Pounds raised for charity


Words proofed an hour


Jelly beans consumed in a day


Past Work

Here's feedback from some of the people I have worked with.

Michelle Shirtcliffe


Claire is great to work with. She can write on any subject and always hits the deadlines.

Michelle Shirtcliffe

CEO, Publica

Christina & Joy


May 2018

We asked Claire to come in right at the end, when the print deadline for our 200-page recipe book was only days away. She worked tirelessly to find every inconsistency and typo left in the book. The result was a book we are all so proud of.

Christina & Joy

Founders, One Mother To Another

Charlie Langhorne

Project Managment

January 2013 to February 2014

Christchurch Stands Tall was the first event Wild in Art ran in New Zealand, we had worked with Claire on events in the UK and knew this one would be in a safe pair of hands. It was a wonderful, award-winning success!

Charlie Langhorne

Director, Wild in Art