Of course there is a story behind ‘pudding’. In fact, there are lots of little stories behind why I called this wee endeavour, pudding.

I was playing around with words, letting them tumble and twist around in my head as I tried to think of something that would represent what I do and make people curious. Curious to know what I do.

One of the things I love to do most is proofread. Whilst I thought about that, the phrase ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ popped into my head.  I interpret it to mean, that you have to try something out, you have to test it to really know if it’s good. I liked that. As a freelancer, you want people to give you a shot. Not just automatically go to the big outfit, but try the person who has the talent and likes to work for herself.

Once ‘pudding’ was in my head, I realised that there were lots of other reasons why this was a good word to be ‘my word’. I’m from the North of England, home of the Yorkshire pudding and where the consumption of a hearty steamed pudding after a day in the Dales, is really the best thing ever.

I love to bake. All my friends, family and anyone I have worked with, know that where I am, cake or a tin of cookies will not be far away. I am pretty sure if you asked anyone who knows me, what reminds them of me, something containing sugar will be high up on the list.

I have a brown coloured dog, called Bingley. He’s a giant pawed, bonnie-faced German Shorthair Pointer, who our family affectionately call ‘chocolate pudding’.

I love to say the word. Try it. Pudding. It’s got a good ring to it.

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